Friday, May 15, 2009

And Now....Drumroll Please....

Once again, back by popular demand! It's time for another Oddities From Etsy post!!! Yayyyyyy!

This shop actually has some clever stuff, a little creepy, but I could see people buying from this shop, these certainly are conversation pieces. But the prices are ridiculous for things made out of things that they probably found at the thrift store.

First up, a Barbie legs jewelry holder, made out of...wait for it... you guessed it!-Barbie legs! and a wood tray that looks like something you would pick up on a trip to the Philippines along with your giant fork and spoon wall hanging.
Clever idea, yes? But seriously, who would pay 33.00 for this?

And from the same shop we have the disembodied baby doll arm and leg coat rack or key rack or whatever, again the body parts are screwed onto an upcycled wood tray. Only 49.00 for this one.
Like I said, a little creepy, but I could see having this in your entry way to hang your purse on. Or how about as a baby shower gift-ha ha!!

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Jennifer said...

There are no words for those...