Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Jersey Mike's Subs-A Review

One word: YUM!

A Jersey Mike's Subs had opened up a while back but we kept forgetting to go give it a try. I like sandwiches, especially ones THAT I DON'T HAVE TO MAKE MYSELF! and have been known to frequent Subway and Quizno's fairly often. But, Subway's and Quizno's will have to take a back seat to Jersey Mike's, they've beat you by a mile.
I ordered the Club Sub and had it Mike's Way (except for the onions) which has lettuce, tomato, mayo, oil and vinegar, and some spices, and this sandwich was GOOD! They really pile on the meat, not like at Subway where you get 3 thin slices of meat and a whole lot of lettuce to make your sandwich look fat-no, this was loaded and the bacon was crispy and the oil and vinegar and spices or whatever they use tasted really good.
The only thing that I didn't like was that if you take your sandwich to go and are a little slow in eating it, the bread starts to get soggy from the oil and vinegar and soggy bread makes me gag. So, I was picking off soggy pieces of bread off my sandwich, trying not to gag while doing so.

But, other than that (and the next time we go, we'll eat there-less time to get soggy) it was a really good sandwich!

When I find something that I like, I tend to always order that same thing but I might try the tuna sandwich next.


Meghan said...

I LOVE Jersey Mikes, I would go there like two or three times a week in high school. I love their fresh bread, they slice their meats in front of you (always a plus), and it doesn't leave you feeling gross like Subway does.

Jennifer said...

I too love Jersey Mikes, but their prices suck compared to the subway $5 sandwiches. At subway I get a footlong with no dressing of any kind on it and eat half of it and save the other half for the next day. Jeremy is not big on Jersey Mikes but I would go there every day if I could!! Their roast beef and turkey sandwiches are good too.