Saturday, May 16, 2009

Cats and Yard Sales

No, we didn't try to sell the cats at our yard sale today, but I did entertain that thought for a few minutes this morning.

First, we set ourselves back by over $200.00 by taking Bear and Pepper to the vet on Thursday for their annual check ups and shots. They are both very chubby kitties and weigh 15 pounds each. Chubby, indeed. Bear is very docile and didn't complain too much, she just hid her face in the crook of my arm while waiting in the exam room. Pepper, on the other hand, growled and snarled and in general was a big whiny baby. But, they got their shots that are good for another year, and only four more cats at $100.00 each to go this year. When we got home, Pepper went under the bookcase and stayed there the rest of the day and all day Friday, too. I think the shots made her not feel good, or she was just more pissed off than usual. I got a little worried Friday morning because she always comes running when she hears the cat food can pop open (that's partly why she's so chubby) but she didn't come running. I looked around and saw her under the bookcase and at first thought 'oh, crap, she died', and then my second thought was along the lines of 'gross, I don't want to have to pick up a dead cat', and then my third thought was 'oh, it looks like she is breathing, good, I really didn't want to have to pick up a dead cat'.

This is her pissed off cranky cat face:

So, with Pepper still breathing and feeling better today, we had our yard sale.

Well, driveway sale anyway. It was hot out there and I got all sweaty dragging stuff out of the house, so now I feel like I got sunstroke or something. We did make about $95.00 though, which isn't bad considering the average price was 50c or so. I had a lot of books out there and was wondering if they would sell, but quite a few went for 25c each. Can't beat that for a book!
And, while we were outside sweating, Mimi was inside having a party with her little fluff ball toy. These balls are like yarn pom poms and she loves them, but they leave little yarn pieces all over the house. There was almost nothing left of the original yarn ball by the time she got done today.

It doesn't look that bad here, but the entire living room was covered in little pieces of purple yarn ball.

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