Monday, April 27, 2009

Dove Ultimate Go Fresh Deodorant-A Review

I have always steered clear of scented deodorants after a bad experience once where I used a smelly deodorant and spent the day being annoyed by the strong scent of the deodorant wafting up from my armpits all day long. It was all I could smell and it wasn't a good smell, but kind of a weird soapy clinical smell, like antiseptic or a hospital smell. So, anyway, unscented for me ever since.

I saw a commercial or print ad or something for the new Dove deodorants and how they are solid but don't leave the white mess. I've been using gel deodorants and really don't like that slimy feeling when you first put it on. So, I got the nectarine and white ginger burst flavor to give it a try. You can get little body sprays in the same flavor.

Well, so far I like it. It does go on smoothly and is soft and the scent is just barely there, not overpowering like so many scented deodorants. If you're wearing this in public, you won't choke the people around you with the smell, and hopefully you won't choke them with any body odor smell, either. I'm not sure how well it really works since I haven't done any major sweating this weekend, but I think it's a keeper. The body spray is nice and refreshing without tons of scent, too.


EtsyWTF said...

Have you tried the salt crystal deodorant? I use that and it works great!

Anonymous said...

That scent sounds lovely... do the dove deodorants have aluminum in them?

geelizzie said...

dancingmooney-yes, I just looked and they do have aluminum in them-eek! what is it with the aluminum, it gives you breast cancer?
I may rethink my good smelling deodorant then.

Meghan said...

I have the Dove Body Wash in the same scent. I love the body washes, we've tried all of them, and I really liked them all.