Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Swine Flu?

Does this worry you when you see every news station reporting about the deaths in Mexico and showing footage of crowds of people wearing masks as they go about their business? Or is all the coverage just a plot to get you to forget about the economy for a little while? Sure, we need to be informed of possible health risks, but if you didn't know better seeing these stories could just scare the bejeesus out of you and cause you to become a hermit. Just now as I logged onto yahoo to check my email the first thing that I see is a big story about how the US would handle a pandemic with the scenario of millions of people in hospitals, schools closed, everyone who's not sick staying home so they don't get sick, and in turn all of this causing more economic woes. Do they really need to scare people quite this much with stories like this? Or is that story supposed to ease our worries by showing that the government's got it all worked out already?

I kind of think flu outbreaks like this is Mother Nature's way of cleaning up the planet a little. Hey, you people just keep reproducing willy nilly and messing up my earth, so every 100 years or so I need to have my little viruses mutate and get rid of a bunch of you. You're not supposed to be living so long, people, and quit with all the medicines that prevent the diseases that are a part of natural selection already! You went and got rid of smallpox and polio and measles and whooping cough and all those other diseases that helped me to thin the herd, and look what happened! There's just too many of you humans and you're endangering my animal friends with your pollution and urban sprawl, not to mention how dirty you've made my air with your factories and billions of cars! Enough already, now here's some swine flu to get rid of some of you!

Me? I'm not real worried about getting swine flu. I've never had the flu in my life *knock on wood* and don't mingle with crowds much these days. If I were still working with the public at walmart, then I'd be in a panic. I worked there for 3 years and was constantly catching colds from handling the dirty nasty money that came through there. Money is the worst for spreading germs. Think about how many different hands a dollar bill goes through in it's life. But, not a single cold since I left there 2 years ago. And now I have another excuse for not going back to work there just yet-I might catch swine flu!


Anonymous said...

Considering I came up with some sort of stomach flu about two weeks ago, and still haven't returned to feeling completely normal... AND I don't have health insurance either... Yes, the swine flu does worry me a little bit.

Not that I expect to die if I get it, but not having health insurance, and not already feeling well in general... it's anxiety I'd rather live without.

Anonymous said...

I love your Mother Earth bit! That's exactly how I feel!

Of course, in the south, it's not Mother Earth who is getting at us for bypassing natural selection, but God who is punishing us for our sins.

Either way, I guess!