Friday, March 27, 2009


Every time a commercial would come on for that show Scrubs, Keith would say 'That is the stupidest show! I can't stand it!' Well,never having seen the show myself, I thought I'd give it a try, mainly because it comes on right before the new show Better Off Ted. Now, Better Off Ted looks promising, we watched the premiere show and thought it was pretty clever. Ellen's wife Portia is perfect in her role as the clueless cutthroat ice queen, plus Keith likes to look at her, thinking 'what a waste, and which one wears the pants so to speak, Ellen or Portia?' We also thought that it was kind of interesting that the Ted guy looks a lot like John Hamm from Mad Men.

So, this week I decided to check out Scrubs. I lasted not quite five minutes and had to turn it off. Ick. I think a lot of it is that main character with the goofy face, he is just annoying, not funny. Now I'm sure many Americans enjoy Scrubs and watch it every week, but remember, many Americans still think that Gilligan's Island was the funniest show ever.

Yes, we have become boring middle aged people with the highlight of our week being what's on TV tonight.


Jennifer said...

Ellen wears the pants in that relationship. I sometimes watch the Ellen show and you can tell that she wears the pants for sure.

Meghan said...

I watch Ellen -- religiously. I think that she is HILARIOUS! And as Jen said, she definetly wears the pants. (Have you seen there wedding pics??)

I never got hooked on Scrubs... I don't always get the dark humor. However, I do love Zach Braff, the lead character. His movie Garden State is brilliant.