Saturday, March 28, 2009

Fun at the Supermarket and Those Rascally Cats!

I went grocery shopping this morning and since I left Keith at home, it wasn't too bad and didn't take too long. Vons was having a mix and match 10 items or more sale, so I stocked up on some basics, got stuff so that we actually have a meal plan for the week, and saved $71.00 in the process. Of course, what they don't tell you is that the prices on the sale items are the actual real life price they should be, they just jack it up and then lower it again so you think you're getting a bargain.

Newman's Own has come out with a frozen pizza that we tried, and like the rest of good old Paul's line, it was good! Very thin crispy crust, think Dominicks for those of you in Ventura. Keith added a little extra cheese, but even without extra cheese, we've got a frozen pizza winner here!

It's up in the 80's today, but we can't open the sliding glass door because...last night Buddy managed to open the sliding screen and escaped. I was on the couch in my pj's and Keith had run over to Home Depot, and the cats were enjoying the nice cool breeze coming in the house, when I look over just in time to see Buddy stand up against the screen, hook his claws in, and then kind of slide to the right, taking the screen with him and sliding it open. I could see his little pea brain go 'Hey!' and before I could catch him out the door he was. Followed closely by Lucy. I'm following them right out to try and grab them, but right behind me is Mimi and Pepper, also going 'Hey!' so I had to run back in, scoop them up, and lock them in the bedroom so I could leave the screen open to chase Buddy and Lucy back in.

They must have thought they were in Wonderland, they ran around the back yard sniffing and smelling, me chasing behind them, and then they went down the side yard towards the gate. I couldn't tell if the gate was open, so I ran out the front door to check and possibly head them off at the pass, then ran back out the back door and finally got Buddy to run inside, me right behind. I shut the screen and tried to grab him to put him in the bedroom and he was so wound up he started hissing at me. So, I got the bag of kitty treats, and Buddy being the 'I'll eat anything anytime' kind of cat that he is, he calmed down and followed me and the treat bag down the hall to the bathroom where I put treats on the floor and shut the door on him.

Now to get Lucy back inside. Back outside, shaking the treat bag the whole time, trying to round her up. She finally ran inside and I shut the slider, never to be opened again while cats are about. Whew.

The rest of the evening Buddy kept going over to the glass sliding door and kind of inspecting it like 'I figured it out once, I think I can do it again!'

Oh, and I am sad to announce the untimely demise of our little quail. We hadn't seen it for a few days and Keith found it dead yesterday, the apparent victim of the stray cats in the neighborhood. He was SO upset last night, he's such a big softie!

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