Tuesday, March 10, 2009


We've been real tightwads these past few months, not buying anything but the daily essentials, but this past weekend we stimulated the economy a little by buying some shrubs for the backyard.

The same backyard that Keith started working on last summer, building planter boxes and buying paving stones to make a patio. Patio equals less grass, which equals less work in maintaining and mowing said grass. Someday we'll have a backyard that's going to look nice and will be usable instead of a vast wasteland of weeds and dirt. Someday.

So, we went to OSH and Home Depot and found some flowering shrubs that weren't too pricey. Home Depot had these big shrubs (not flowering but pretty leaves) on sale for half price. Score! I think we'll go back and get a few more before they're all gone.

You can see the half finished pavers in these photos. We were buying them like 10 at a time and spreading the cost out over the months. Cheaper than having someone pour concrete!

More shrubbage. Of course, they are not planted yet. Keith is a little OCD about how and where these get planted, so I'm leaving this project to him. And our trees have been blooming, just wish they'd grow a little faster!

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