Monday, March 23, 2009

Cute Stuff on Dawanda

I've been poking around dawanda a little bit, filling up my shop and figuring out how everything works. The site is very nice looking and I haven't seen any poor photography skills much, not like half the stuff on etsy where it's out of focus or shot from so far away that you can't tell what it is. This shop caught my eye, mainly because of the licorice candy bracelet. My favorite candy as a kid was the licorice allsorts, except for the gummy ones that came in the packet. Plus, I'm hungry and waiting for dinner time so anything food related looks good right now!

This is from a shop called Dingalin. Sorry, I still don't know how to make clickable links in my blog posts, and am still too lazy to learn how, so here is the shop address:

And, as Homer Simpson would say: mmmm...donuts...

And, for some protein, how about a bacon necklace?

Or, you could just do as the shoppers in this supermarket do and drink your breakfast:


Campbell Jane said...

That photo is too funny!
Best of luck at Dawanda! I'll check it out.

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

I remember when you would put a whole pack of Black Jack licorace gum in your mouth all at the same time.

Meghan said...

Hahhaaa I saw the grocery pic on Fail... and laughed pretty hard