Sunday, March 22, 2009

It's Cold Outside!

On Friday we had a high temp of 82 degrees here in Bakersfield. It was a beautiful day, the air was clear and the skies were sunny, and it was so nice to have the windows and doors open. The cats love it when they can hear the birds and smell all the spring smells coming through the windows. (Not like summer here, where it smells of smog and the air is 'unhealthy for sensitive persons' or on the really bad days, unhealthy for everyone and don't go outside.)

So, today, we get a cold front moving through, complete with high cold winds and a tiny bit of rain this morning. It was cold! And windy! If our tree hadn't already been blown down by the wind, it would have been today.


So, after getting breakfast and going grocery shopping today, I stayed in and worked on my shops. I had kind of forgotten about the European version of etsy, Dawanda, and thought maybe I should give it another try and see what happens. It's still free to list and the site is easy to use and really nice looking, so I've been loading up my shop there today.
Breakfast was at IHOP this morning, we had woken up early and got there before the place got too packed. It's a popular Sunday morning thing here in town, we all go out to breakfast because we're all too lazy to cook, or as in our case, we hadn't been to the grocery store yet. I had the mega bacon omelette thing, with bacon and cheese and tomatoes, and the harvest wheat pancakes (very tasty those are). The grocery trip was done as quickly as possible, but it still seemed like we spent a whole lot of money for not a whole lot of food. And there's still nothing to eat.

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