Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Blind Leading the Blind

Last night I was going to clean my glasses with the special glasses cleaner wipe things that we bought that are those pre-moistened little wipes that come in the little foil packets. So, I take off my glasses to clean them but then realized that I can't see to open the packet without my glasses on so have to put them back on to try and find the little 'tear here' notch in the almost indestructible foil packet.

And this is what someone (not sure which kitty, but I suspect Lucy) was doing while I was busy yesterday morning.

These paper towels were on top of the washer so someone had to be poking around up there and managed to drag them 10 feet away into the living room. Or maybe they just rolled them along the floor. The salvageable part of the roll has teeth marks that go all the way through it.

And this lolcat made me laugh.

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DancingMooney ♥ said...

My cat loves to get on the kitchen counter and use the roll of paper towels as a scratch pad. We have one of those under the cabinet mounted things, so the paper towels hang down like a roll of toilet paper would...

Sometimes we come home to the paper towel roll all unraveled and punctured all over everywhere... thanks to Marley. Hehee.

Gotta love em' though right.