Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Really Fake Tree

Keith brought home a surprise for me last night, the little red Christmas tree that was only $20.00 at walmart. A very nice little fake bright red tree that was ONLY TWENTY DOLLARS!! And it's prelit so you don't even have to buy lights. And, the cord the lights are on is RED to match the tree-how cool is that?

Now, this box is small and only weighs maybe 2 pounds, so I had to laugh at the 'team lift' label on the box. As a former walmart worker, these labels mean that you are not supposed to attempt to lift these boxes without getting someone to help you. Like you could ever find a willing fellow walmart employee to help you lift-get real already! So, of course I had to ask him if he got somebody to help him carry the box to the checkout.

The cats were of course totally fascinated with this new big cat toy that we put on the table. Tastes good, too.


There are no ornaments on the tree yet. We don't know where our ornaments are and I think what we have is glass anyway, so we went back to walmart and got some plastic ornaments that we'll put on the tree as soon as we find some string. We don't really want to use ornament hooks in case the cats try to eat them.

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