Sunday, December 14, 2008

Lazy Sunday

This is what our tree looked like this morning:

The only reason it wasn't on the floor is because the chair broke its fall.

Today we decided to go to the movies. Keith wanted to see The Day The Earth Stood Still and I wanted to see Four Christmases so we compromised and went to see Four Christmases. We only made it through about an hour of that movie. Very predictable and kind of annoying and boring. So, instead of leaving the theatre we double dipped and went in to see The Earth Standing Still. We had to wait through about 20 minutes of movie commercials and previews and then sat through the entire thing. Keith is a fan of the original Earth Stood Still movie, which I'm sure I've seen but probably blocked from my memory. I'm sorry, but this movie was stupid and boring and I almost fell asleep. I kept hoping that the alien would just go ahead and destroy all the human life on the planet so we could go home. Hurry it up already! I got really tired of the preachiness of it, too, how many times did I have to hear 'but we can change'? No, we were destroying the earth in the original movie and now thirty or forty years later we're still destroying the earth so nope, we're not changing much. Don't bother with either of these movies. Well, maybe the Christmas movie if you don't go with your husband who really wanted to see the Earth movie and was just being nice by going to the Christmas movie with you.

After our day at the movies I remembered why we usually wait for the dvd to come out.

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Meghan said...

Ryan and I saw Four Christmases last night. And it made me laugh because Ryan and I were just arguing over the same type of things.

Not babies. But the other...