Friday, December 12, 2008


It seems like some etsy sellers have an almost unnatural obsession with body parts and poo. Just put poo in the search bar on etsy, and you'll get 285 results for items related to poo. Why?

This is actually really cute, but what the heck do you do with a poo plushie? Give it to the kids to play with or sleep with? Put it on your desk at work so everyone in the office will know how cool and cutting edge you are?

And, you can get your very own personalized labia/vagina pendant custom made. Just send in pictures and viola, your very own vagina immortalized forever! Wouldn't mom just love one of these for Christmas? Of course, getting the picture of mom's privates might be a little sticky. Hey, folks, they are called PRIVATES for a reason!

And here's a fun plush vagina from the same seller-what kid wouldn't love to hug this!

There are currently 332 penis items on etsy (no, I won't show you any of those) and 246 vagina items on etsy. This last one is totally creepy and really scares me. Don't look unless you want to have nightmares!



Jennifer said...

Yep, just the thing I wanted to wake up to today!! People are weird and this stuff is just wrong.

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Oh ick.
You know our Mommy does read your blog!
Now she knows what you are getting her for Christmas...
She can start throwing up now.
Me too - excuse me, gotta go throw up!

jomamma said...

Why did they place those on a dinner plate????