Thursday, December 11, 2008

Fog Day

It's that time of year here in central California. Fog. Those of us from coastal cities in CA are used to fog, in fact it's called June gloom in Ventura because summers there are not sunny but foggy every day. Yes, I know California is supposed to be the land of sunshine or something, but no, fog is something we all get used to. Today the schools are on fog delay and the delays are broadcast on the local radio and tv stations so you know that the little monsters are going to annoy you for a few extra hours in the morning before you can ship them off to school. Like three hours delay. I wonder if the kids have to go extra days at the end of the year to make up for weeks of fog delays each winter.

We got a tasty little holiday surprise from UPS the other day. The UPS driver rang the doorbell and scared the crap out of me and all the kitties since nobody ever rings our doorbell and I wasn't expecting any deliveries. So, I found this box on the doorstep from Keith's brother and sister in law in Boise, and inside the box was CANDY made right in Boise. Yum. Oh, and the empty spot in the box was full of mixed nuts which Keith ate like it was his last meal or something. Not a single nut was left for me.

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