Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Trees and Cats Don't Get Along

Well, our little tree is now outside. First, somebody bit through a cord and only half the lights worked, so we took those off the tree, and then the next day Mimi knocked the whole thing off the table while she was gnawing on the branches. Then yesterday, I see Buddy carrying something around in his mouth, went to investigate, and found a shatter proof Christmas ball in his mouth with big holes punched in it by his teeth when he ripped it off the tree. So, no more tree.

But, we do have stockings for the kitties! We got three cat toy filled stockings at walmart and hung them up where so far they have ignored them and not tried to rip into them.

In other news, I heard the dumbest commercial for Culligan water softeners on the radio this morning. Get a water softener for the introductory price of 9.95 and SAVE MONEY ON SOAP! Apparently you use less soap if you have a water softener. I'm sorry, but how much does soap cost? Would you really use that much less soap to where you are saving money after that 9.95? Highly doubtful.

It's wintery here in sunny California. Yesterday you could see the surrounding mountains covered in snow and today it is dark and dreary outside. But, I don't have to go anywhere today so I can stay cozy and warm inside. Right now all the kitties are napping on the bed, which always makes me tempted to join them.

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jomamma said...

If you've never showered with 'soft' water you'd be surprised. You can get by with a LOT less shampoo or soap, or your shower will take a lot longer because you can't get the shampoo rinsed out of your hair. My husband used to work for a subsidiary company of Culligan.