Thursday, December 18, 2008

Dear Bakersfield Drivers

I'm so very sorry for having the audacity to walk to Target today rather than driving like all the normal red blooded Bakersfieldonians do. Driving at top speed with little regard for your fellow drivers. And no regard for the hapless pedestrian who must have something wrong with them because they are WALKING rather than driving the less than 1/2 mile to Target. I know my walking caused you undue hardship when you had to wait for me to cross not one but two crosswalks on my way to Target. I caused you to have to wait an extra what, SIXTY SECONDS? while I crossed that street (in the marked crosswalk at the intersection). I know that extra sixty seconds that you had to wait must have been just incredibly frustrating for you.

And to the driver who started to turn left and stopped in the middle of the intersection after you saw me already in the crosswalk and waving my arms at you like a madwoman, I'm just so very very very sorry about that.


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Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Ooohhh... my big pet peeve. Mexicans in Mexico don't even know what the word pedestrian means. They don't have the "pedestrians have the right of way" thing here whatsoever. I will be 1" past their bumper and they zip across the intersection. Arrrgghhhh!