Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Open Wide!

No, I didn't go to the dentist yesterday, that's not for another week or two. No, yesterday was my annual pap smear, which was supposed to be two months ago, but when procrastination gets ahold of you, it doesn't easily let go. After getting phone calls and reminders from the mammogram place telling me it's time for my annual mammogram which I already knew, I figured I'd better pick up that phone and make my appointment for the pap smear so that I could get the paperwork necessary for the mammogram, which I did, and which I called and made an appointment, which I'll go to next week.

We have new insurance this year and we chose the cheapest insurance which maybe covers the pap and mammogram, maybe not, who knows, so we did the cheapie pap smear/annual physical yesterday, kind of like a drive through pap smear or something, just the basics and no unnecessary testing or poking or whatever. And now this morning I am not having my coffee yet because I am going to go to the blood draw place as soon as it opens to get some vials of blood drawn out for a few tests. Fasting blood work tests. No coffee until I'm done with the blood being sucked out of my body. Five more minutes and I can leave for the blood draw place and then hopefully be the first one there and then come back home and HAVE SOME COFFEEEEEEEE!!

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Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

I always "give" myself those two "gifts" for my birthday. That way I can remember what month to go do them. Great presents huh?