Thursday, October 30, 2008

Do It Yourself

I hate getting my hair cut. I hate sitting there waiting for my turn and I hate sitting in the chair getting my hair cut and I hate paying for someone to cut my hair. Never mind that we go to the cheapie in and out hair cutting place and it really doesn't cost that much, I just really hate it. So, I'll get my hair cut once, maybe twice every five years or so. The last time I got it cut I had them do bangs, which look fine but grow fast. I'm one of those people who will get sick of bangs hanging in my eyes and will go find some scissors and hack them off to get them out of my eyes. And then next time I go get my hair cut they will ask who the heck trimmed my bangs for me.

So, last night I was whining about my hair hanging in my eyes and Keith suggested using his little beard and sideburn trimmer thing, which I had never thought of for trimming bangs. I tried to do it myself but it is hard to trim your own bangs, especially when you have to take off your glasses to do it, which in turn means YOU CAN'T SEE WHAT YOU ARE DOING!, so I asked Keith if he would try it. He did and my bangs look pretty good! A little short, but hey, they grow fast! And we saved the 10.00 it costs to get your bangs trimmed (tip included in that 10.00).

I felt like I was in one of those new Target commercials-the one where they show dad shaving the kids heads with his 13.00 handy dandy hair trimmer from Target.

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