Sunday, October 26, 2008

Murders and Stabbings and Shootings-Oh My!

Welcome to Bakersfield. Where there are more murders per capita that the City of New York. Seriously.

We watch our local news most evenings (because we are old and boring and need something to do while eating dinner) and every night there is news of at least one stabbing or shooting or another dead body found somewhere. Disturbing, but unfortunately, seeing murders and stabbings and shootings on the news EVERY NIGHT causes you to become a little de-sensitized and just kind of go 'yeah what else is new? '

So, the other night we were watching the oh so serious reporter giving us the news of yet another shooting on one of the streets of Bakersfield, then they cut away from the reporter to a video of said street in which you saw the ICE CREAM TRUCK merrily driving along with the ice cream truck music happily playing away. I'm sorry, but we couldn't help but laugh at the video despite the seriousness of the story. And then, they showed the video of the ice cream truck AGAIN at the end of the story!

I guess it was to show that life does indeed go on.


Jennifer said...

Sounds just like our "safe" town of Oxnard!!

kim* said...

yeh it is a scary world.