Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cookies That Help You Go Poop

Have you noticed the plethora of foods that 'help promote digestive health' these days? Yogurt, cheese, granola bars, all this stuff with extra fiber and whatever to promote the good bacteria in your guts and help get all that food out of your guts with nice healthy regular bowel movements.
I guess we're all constipated and need all the help we can get. Either that or it's just the latest food fad.

We were shopping in Target the other night for our regular-regular, get it?-toilet paper-toilet paper, get it?-and other such crap-crap, get it?-and came across these cookies that help you go poop. Cookies? I'm there!!

They had two flavors, orange zest and dark chocolate something. We chose the orange zest with green tea extract. The box promises that they are low in saturated fat, a good source of fiber, and with 10g of whole grain per serving. But would they taste like nuts and twigs and sawdust like other healthy wholesome cookies do? They come in a single serving pouch (so you don't eat the whole box and end up on the toilet for a few hours, I guess) and are cracker sized and heart shaped. They taste pretty good and have a little nip to them, kind of like a ginger snap, but they don't taste like ginger, and are very crunchy. Not bad at all.

I'd never heard of the company that makes these, although the package says they've been in business since 1905. I read the box a little closer to find out that it is a Canadian company with four plants in Canada and an office in Tennessee.

We also bought a new Pepperidge Farm cookie, Tim Tam Chocolate Creme Sandwich Cookies-Australia's Favorite Cookie. These have no food value or fiber or anything good for you in them, but damn do these cookies taste good!!

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Jolea said...

TIM TAMS!!!! I got addicted to tim tams while in australia this winter and i was so glad they didn't have them in the states... uh oh... looks like i will be headed to target... damn.