Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Retail Woes

I've noticed a big slowdown in internet sales for me, and a lot of other etsy sellers are wondering about no or slow sales, too. We're not the only ones. The big department store Mervyns is closing its doors, and a big shoe store chain here in town is also going out of business. One of the local Starbucks clone drive through coffee stops abruptly closed recently, leaving all of its employees standing outside the doors with no final paychecks. Yesterday while riding through the shopping center on my way to Michaels I noticed big going out of business signs on the local Linens and Things. Yikes!

I'll really start worrying if The Dollar Store and Walmart go out of business!

The government thinks that if they give us another 'economic stimulus' check, it will help the economy turn around with people running out to buy a bunch of stuff with their extra few hundred dollars. It didn't work the last time, so while I'll take that check and run right to the bank with it, I don't think most Americans will do anything with it other than pay some bills or just fritter it away stocking up on groceries. A check every once in a while is not going to turn around anything, those people who are on unemployment will thank you for the extra money today, but it's not going to give them a job to sustain them tomorrow. No, smart people will put that money in the bank so that they have a little help paying their high heating bills this winter, or maybe get some much needed dental or medical work done, or buy a new interview suit so they can go on endless job interviews in the hopes of finding a job, any job.


DancingMooney ♥ said...

It is crazy to see people close their doors, who've otherwise been open for years. *sigh*

But bring on that check though ay? I'll take it. I'll take whatever they want to give me!

but you're right. It won't change anything, except maybe a day or two of relief.

Meghan said...

Well... Believe it or not, not only has Linens & Things and Mervyn's closed, but the 99cents store chain is going to close all 48 of the stores that are located in Texas. They will still keep the ones in CA, NV, and AZ. But who knows how long that will last.