Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Anyone Need a Baby Gift ?

I was browsing on etsy the other day using the pounce feature, which is a fun way to shop. You can choose to browse by sellers who have recently had a sale or new sellers with no sales yet. The sellers who have just had a sale is a little more interesting and also gives you a look at what is actually selling on etsy. (lots of supplies for one thing.)

Anyway, it's fun to look, and while browsing I came across the cutest baby hats ever! Part of what makes them so cute is the adorable baby that is modeling the hats of course!

These hats and a lot more are from http://Artology.etsy.com

The apple of your eye:

And for your little cupcake:

Aren't these the cutest ever! Makes you kind of hope that if you ordered a hat, the baby would come with it!

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