Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Junk Just Junk

I used to enjoy shopping the local thrift and junk stores when we lived in Ventura. People seemed to donate pretty good junk in that town, and you'd always find some treasure in those stores. My best find was a 1940's wedding cake topper for $1.00.

But, here in Bakersfield, you just don't find the good junk, all you find is just plain old junk junk. Maybe it's the difference between living in a coastal more upscale trendy type of town and living in a roughneck oilfield down home country redneck just plain folks town, but the people here never donate anything good to the thrift stores, it's just plain old junk.

I went into the new Goodwill 'superstore' that is behind the huge shopping center nearby and was assaulted by unusable junk. Ick. Nasty shoes that were dirty and scuffed, half used bottles of lotion, unidentifiable plastic kitchen junk, threadbare clothes, really ugly dinnerware that was priced at more than it originally cost at walmart, half burned candles, and on and on. Ick.

It's not just the local Goodwill, it's every thrift store I've been to here in this town. They're all ick.

People, when you donate your junk to the Goodwill, and I'm all for donating your junk, please please make sure it's usable junk, not just the stuff that won't fit into your trash can! Nobody wants your half used shampoo or nasty old socks or underwear! Nobody! Throw that crap away!


Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Bummer. Ventura thrift stores are still awesome! Pretty much my entire wardrobe is from them.

Undies, socks, shoes NO WAY though...

Anonymous said...

Aww.. that sucks. There's a goodwill down the street from here, and sometimes I find good stuff, and sometimes I don't.

But I hear ya hun. Sometimes it really is just garbage too.

That's too bad.

You'll have to take a day trip sometime and go thrift store shopping in the good towns. Lol.
I'm that way when we go to the coast... ya never know what you'll find where you don't live.

Lotta said...

I hear you. I usually have better luck when I head out to Southern Illinois. Around here people throw stuff out so easily that there isn't much good vintage junk.