Monday, October 6, 2008

Now That The Weather is Cooling Off

We finally got a ceiling fan for our bedroom. We were shopping at walmart yesterday morning for the usual laundry soap and cleaning products when Keith got distracted by the ceiling fan aisle. We have looked at fans and talked about fans and thought about fans ever since we moved into this house, but never got one for the bedroom. I told him that if he picked one out, he had to install it same day, no putting it in the garage for a year first like he did with the living room fan.

So, he found one he liked AND GOT IT INSTALLED!! IN ONE DAY!!

With a little help from Mimi.

She checked out the box to make sure all the parts were in there.

Then she got tired and fell asleep on the fan blades.

We have fan!!

I think we both slept a lot better last night-no throwing the covers off because it was too hot and then waking up and searching for the covers because it was too cold, which is what we usually do all night long.

It's also 'whisper quiet' as it claimed on the box!

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