Thursday, September 4, 2008


Just irritated. My head hurts and I don't feel like dealing with demanding customers today. Yes, I know the customer is always right and I should bend over backwards for every sale, but you know what? For $4.00 it just is NOT worth it to completely redo a listing because you want it a little different. For $40.00 maybe, but for $4.00 a resounding NO! And, if you don't see it in my shop, chances are I DON'T HAVE IT OR IT WOULD BE LISTED!

Okay, now I feel a little better.

A mystery was solved this morning. We have a fancy bird feeder that was hanging in front of the kitty window, but we moved it against the garage after our kitties kept crashing into the window trying to get a bird. Not to mention the time when the window was open and they crashed through and broke the screen trying to get a bird.

So, we moved it over where they could still see it but not be quite so tempted, and Keith filled it with bird seed only to come out and find bird seed not in the feeder but scattered all over the sidewalk. Was it the big blue jays that like to chase off the smaller birds and get all the goodies for themselves? Were they kicking out all the unwanted seed as they rummaged through the offerings?


This morning I looked out to see the neighbor's black and white kitty sitting directly under the bird feeder salivating at the sight of the innocent little bird that was sitting on the feeder, totally oblivious to the danger below. Then, wham! a leap up as far as little kitty could go and the bird feeder was swinging around wildly, spraying, you guessed it, bird seed all over the sidewalk. The bird of course flew away long before the kitty could get its paws on it.

This is the same kitty that was chasing the dog down the sidewalk and also craps in our yard every chance it gets.

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