Saturday, September 6, 2008

For The Sake of My Sanity and Cancer-A-Thon

I have to stay off of the etsy forums.

Recently there have been hoards of sellers jumping onto etsy selling knock off designer handbags, wigs, and plasma tvs-things you would normally sell on ebay. So, in an effort to stop these sellers hoards of etsyers start thread after thread all day long about these resellers of mass produced junk in an effort to stop them, thereby filling up etsy's forums with these threads and making admin shut down thread after thread because it is against etsy rules to denigrate another seller in the forums, no matter what they are selling. The etsyers who started doing this found that the shops in question were getting shut down faster than when they went the preferred route of flagging so they are all on a huge bandwagon starting thread after thread. Which in turn causes the poor admin guy who is responsible for monitoring the forums endless rounds of closing these threads. A vicious circle indeed.

So, I think I will resist the urge to check on the forums to see if there is anything of actual interest in there.

And, for a lot of these self proclaimed let's save etsy sellers, if they spent a little more time minding their own shops, they might actually sell something.

And, on another note, I watched the celebrity cancer-a-thon last night. The best part was Homer Simpson's televised colonoscopy. Whoo hoo you bought me a colonoscopy!

I hope they raised a lot of money for research, but you kind of wonder if this isn't just the latest Hollywood lets get a cause fad. Remember all of them wearing the red AIDS ribbons and all of them singing about we are the world and the children and whatever that was all about? And Farm Aid and Live Aid and Comic Relief? Hmmm...where did all those causes go?

I think all of the celebrity Hollywood types need to champion affordable health care for all Americans first- a lot of people with cancer end up bankrupt and/or dead because they can't afford insurance or are under-insured but make too much money to qualify for state coverage. Affordable as in a national health care system that is funded by our taxes that God knows we pay enough of rather than private insurance companies. Oh, but then the insurance companies might be put out of business because as we all know, they aren't in business for their health, and it certainly isn't because they don't make a huge profit on all of us who pay our weekly premiums but then are denied basic treatments because oops, you went out of network, or oops, that treatment is considered experimental, or oops, you went over your yearly limit.


Meghan said...

Yeah -- I watched some of the Stand Up to Cancer telethon as well. I had it TiVo'd and then Ryan wanted me to change the channel, so I only saw the first 1/2 hr... but I will finish it tonight. I will definetly have watch Homer... lol.

Anonymous said...

I stopped visiting the forums quite some time ago. I still pop in every now and then, like you said... to see if there is anything of interest, but for the most part, i've grown to really hate visiting the forums anymore.

I'm sad to say it, but it's true. They are just full of nonsense. But, the chat rooms are fun though. You should check them out sometime.
Not too many poo-heads in there... lol.