Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Remember the story about the skeletons found stuffed into trash cans in the storage locker? Well, they found out who they were from dental records, which surprises me that the victims were actually taken to the dentist in their short lives.

A woman died of a drug overdose back in January and the people that she was staying with went to clean out the storage locker where she had been storing some stuff and found the bodies of what were her son and daughter, who had been born in the early 90's, stuffed into the trash cans. The bodies had been in the trash cans for two to four years and showed signs of abuse and apparently Child Protective Services had been called quite a few times during these kids short lives. Where's the father? He went back to Mexico a long time ago. The mother is of course the prime suspect, but you kind of wonder what Dad was doing while these kids were being killed and stuffed into the trash cans.

And, on a lighter note, this morning I went outside in time to see a tiny tiny little Chihuahua running down the street just as fast as his little tiny legs could carry him. The neighbor's black and white kitty was on the sidewalk, so the dumb little dog went 'ooh, a friend!' and of course the kitty swiped at him with its paw and then started chasing the little tiny dog down the street. I thought the dogs were supposed to chase the cats?


Jolea said...

WOAH!!! HOLD UP!!! Where do I go to read about you finding bodies??? Thats the craziest thing I have ever heard!!! What I really came over to say is... I just got home and my awesome necklace was waiting for me!!! Thanks so much I love it! I'm gonna put it on my silver chain with my Saint Christoper... is that innapropriate???? :)

geelizzie said...

Glad you like your necklace!
It wasn't me who found the bodies, just a news story from a few weeks ago!

Jomamma (judith) said...

Jolea has already gotten complements on that necklace too. Very cute! Did Heather give you the website to check out for the Shaw Pins? Just for ideas. Our local yarn shop can't keep shaw pins in stock. If they are priced under $50 they get snatched up in record time.. may be something you would want to consider adding to your collection.