Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I Really...

Have nothing to talk about. Of any importance anyway. Life here in this hot smoggy city is much the same every day. Wake up, feed cats, coffee, computer, clean cat boxes, computer some more, mess around in the workroom, computer some more, maybe cook dinner, feed cats, clean cat boxes, a little more computer, then since Keith has to go to bed early and the computer is in the bedroom, out to the living room and watch some tv.

This is the first season of tv that I'm actually paying some attention to the new shows. When I was working at that horrible place (walmart) I had such weird hours that I didn't watch much tv, and then when I worked overnights at that horrible place (walmart) the evenings were my mornings and it just seemed wrong to watch tv in the morning and there were too many other things to do before I went off to work each night. Now I actually have time for the ultimate time waster itself, tv.

We finished watching the first season of Life on dvd, so that show is a must watch for me (premiers next week!), and then I had to watch Heroes since I just finished the first 2 seasons on dvd, and then of course I absolutely have to watch The Office, but so far those are the only 3 shows that have really interested me. I'm sorry but I just can't handle most reality shows, like Dancing with the Stars (or Dancing with the Has-Beens, as the case may be). The only reality shows that I am embarrased to admit I like are Street Patrol-a clone of Cops, and Jail. I really wonder at those people who allow themselves to be shown on tv in all their jail going glory, though. I guess people will do anything to be on tv.

Sometime I wish we had cable if only so that I could watch the current season of Mad Men, but I'm not willing to pay for cable, so I'll just have to wait until it comes out on dvd a long time from now. We watched the first season on dvd and are hooked! I'm going to write more about Mad Men some other time, it's a whole blog post in itself.

What else is going on here? Nothing!

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Jennifer said...

I have to rewatch Monday night's episode of Heros. I got confused plus I was tired so it did not make a lot of sense to me.