Friday, September 26, 2008

I'm Going To

Try to be a little more productive today. I did already make the bed-well, only because I am making myself make the bed before I turn on the computer which is right next to the bed, and also to prevent lots of cat hair from getting in the sheets since the cats like to sleep on the bed. And I did fold the clothes (and even put them away) that were in the dryer from yesterday. And, I even put another load into the washer. I'm even going to empty the dishwasher!

It's hard getting excited about cleaning house, not that we are total slobs, but I haven't been much of a housekeeper lately. The bathroom, especially, gets a little grungy before I'll force myself to clean it. So, I'd better get that done today.

It's really difficult to get motivated when your house is STILL not finished and you STILL have no kitchen or hallway floor. I don't want to constantly nag Keith about it, but I have hinted around that I might spend more time in the kitchen cooking delicious entrees for him IF I HAD A KITCHEN FLOOR TO STAND ON!!!

I'm really tired of walking around on ripped up linoleum and bare concrete that is never clean even if I do damp mop it once in a while. And since I go barefoot around the house, my feet are always dirty, too.

So, in a few minutes I'll drag the vacuum out and scare all the kitties with it and then maybe get the bathroom clean although I really hate cleaning the shower and sometimes make Keith do it while he's taking his shower after work. He's actually a much better shower cleaner than me, I just give it a quick once over and he actually gets it clean.

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