Wednesday, August 6, 2008

More Random Junk

I'm actually going to clean the house this morning so that when Keith gets home tonight it doesn't look like I didn't do much of anything while he was gone-which I didn't.

We have one of those bagless vacuums where you can see all the stuff that gets sucked up off the floor. Ours is always full with a huge clump of grey kitty hair. Like a HUGE clump. Grey. We have 2 cats who are grey, Bear and Pepper, and right now Bear is leaving little wads of shedded hair everywhere she goes and if you just barely touch Pepper hair flies all over the place, accelerated by the ceiling and floor fans that are helping to keep our house cool and helping to get that hair on as many surfaces as possible.

I got some movies to watch while Keith was gone, ones that I know he would never be interested in. Juno-pretty good, Waitress-pretty good, Dreamgirls-got bored after a while, and Enchanted, which I haven't watched yet.

We had real live clouds in the sky yesterday-real clouds, not smog! But no rain of course.
I know it's weird to get excited by clouds in the sky, but summers here are really boring weather-wise. Hot, sunny, hot, sunny, hot, sunny, hot, sunny. With maybe a hot, sunny, smoggy thrown in there too.

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Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

We get really excited about clouds too. Comes with the territory of living in a hot place!