Friday, August 8, 2008

I Really Have Nothing Much To Say

So I'll just talk miscellaneous again.

Keith got home safe and sound from his trip late Wednesday night. His training class was over in the early afternoon but his flight didn't leave until late evening so he had to sit in the hotel lobby for about 4 hours waiting for his ride to the airport and then sit at the airport for another few hours. Boooorrrrinnngg!!

Yesterday I had no packages to ship out. A day with no packages to ship is scary, I always think that it's the end and nobody will ever buy anything again.

Keith woke me up at 6am today calling me from work to tell me that he heard on the radio that Playgirl magazine is shutting down. I was still sleeping. Why he felt that I needed to hear this news at 6 am I just don't know. It was exciting having my necklace featured in Playgirl but there has been not one sale that I can directly connect to that feature. I think Playgirls readership is mostly gay men who don't buy women's necklaces too often.

There is a seller on Etsy who has some very nice pottery dishware. Except every dish has the word 'vegan' on it. What is it with vegans and their need to let everyone else in the world know that they are better than the rest of us because they are vegan? Is it like religious zealots who think that all the rest of us are headed for eternal damnation because we don't go to their church?

I started watching the first season of Heroes on dvd last night. Weird wonderful show!

That's all I can think of to write about today. As you can see there is not much that goes on around here.

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