Sunday, August 10, 2008

Another 'Duh' Moment

We stayed up until midnight Friday night watching the opening ceremonies of the Olympics and realized that we are pretty dumb when it comes to world geography. There were so many countries that we had never heard of and had no idea where they were and we were looking at each other with what I am sure were very dumb looks on our faces when after about 10 countries we noticed the little globe on the screen that showed us where these countries were located. Duh...

What amazed me were the little tiny countries, like some of the islands in the South Pacific where the total population of the entire country is like 12,000 people. Can you imagine coming from a country where everybody knows everybody else? Not just small town living but small country living!

And, speaking of the Olympics, our own local Olympian, Larsen Jensen, took the Bronze in the 400 meter freestyle. Yay!!

This morning we made our own Rootie Tootie Fresh and Fruity breakfast instead of going out to eat.

We had some fresh peaches and pluots-a new fruit that is 3/4 plum and 1/4 apricot. The ones we had were kind of blah but the peaches were good.

Keith's big hairy arm cooked the scrambled eggs.

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T.Allen-Mercado said...

I am so terribly geographically challenged...I'm just not visual that way. I know names and capitals, useless demographic data-just don't ask me where it is.

My husband always makes the eggs; something about arm hair that gives them a certain je ne sais quois.