Monday, August 25, 2008

Clean Kitchen

Yesterday we went grocery shopping and had to take the Big Dog aka Big Blue aka Keith's big ass truck, (which has no air conditioning) since my car is in the shop because the new timing belt broke. So, a hot un-air conditioned ride to the store and then even with some meal planning and a list a huge amount of money was spent. It helps if Keith comes with me because then he can get what he wants for his lunches, but at the same time it is similar to taking a small child with you to the store. They want everything. Everything that doesn't fit into the meal plan and usually ends up rotting in the fridge or on a shelf in the pantry.

But, anyway, we got all the stuff home and I was worn out from the ordeal, so I just stuffed everything in the general direction of where it belongs and said 'I'll clean the kitchen tomorrow.'

And, son of a gun, I did clean the kitchen this morning! High five! And I even put all the stove parts in the sink to soak and halfheartedly clean later.

I even cleaned out under the sink, which should be called the lost land of cleaning products that you buy, use once, and shove under the sink and forget about. Oven cleaner? When's the last time I used oven cleaner? Our oven is 'self cleaning' not that I even bother to do that. And four different kinds of all purpose spray cleaner, each with that last inch or so in the bottom that won't spray out? And some of those little scrubby pads with the soapy stuff in them that I bought to use when I clean all the stove parts and forgot were in there. And a bonus- a half full bottle of liquid soap that I emptied into the soap dispenser on the counter.

I'm glad the Olympics is finally over, now maybe I won't park myself on the couch until midnight each night. The closing ceremonies were very odd and kind of boring, I thought. I wasn't too impressed with the double decker bus nonsense, and what was the point of having David Beckham come all the way to Beijing to stand there like an idiot and throw the soccer ball? Did they have to pay him hundreds of thousands of dollars for that 2 second appearance? I hope not.

Another reason I'm glad the Olympics is over is that now I can finish watching season one of Heroes, get season two when it comes out tomorrow, and watch that really quick so that when season three starts I know what the heck is going on. I'm not that much of a TV watcher, but this show has managed to get me hooked. I think Hiro is the main reason, without him the show just wouldn't be as interesting.

So, now I have to go wash the stove parts and put them back on the stove.


Jennifer said...

Jeremy loves Heros. I still need to get the first 2 seasons and watch them. I have only watched about 10 episodes all together.

Anonymous said...

Oh... forget about all that cleaning... Just get yourself a glass top stove... they are SO much easier to keep clean. I love it!!


And, I have to say, i'm glad the Olympics are over too... I didn't really watch them much anyways...