Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bored Much?

Come on up to Kern County this weekend for the Gun Show!! Only $8.00 admission and THE KIDS GET IN FREE!!

I was messing around with google last night, typing in my name, my maiden name, my first married name, etc. and came up with all sorts of people with the same name, especially my maiden name, Elizabeth Stapleton, which apparently was quite popular in the middle ages in England. It's kind of weird seeing your name and then date of death right after it. I typed in my sons full name and only found one person with the same name and middle initial and it was a gravestone. Not just kind of creepy but VERY creepy.

Especially since it was a little baby.

Okay, enough morbidity. I was messing around on ebay, looking at salt and pepper shakers and found these. Folks, just because something is OLD doesn't mean that it's VALUABLE!

Really goofy looking owls-at least I think these are owls, the one on the left appears to have been born with a deformed beak.

And these dog and cat salt and peppers look obscene to me, especially that 'come hither' look in the doggie's eyes, sending those 'hey baby' looks over to the cat, who appears to be oblivious to the dog's advances. The cat looks like it is doing the limbo or some yoga, and only has 2 legs and a stump.

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Jennifer said...

I found that headstone once too. It was kind of werid. I wonder if Joseph has seen it...wait I guess I should call him Joe now right?