Saturday, August 23, 2008

Vacuuming in Your Underwear

It's been hot here. Really hot. But my house still needs cleaning at least once in a while, and cleaning makes me hot and sweaty, especially when it's really hot here.

So, my solution this morning was to clean in my underwear.

Our house is laid out so that there are no windows that face the street except for the front bedroom. The living room/great room, which as I've said before is not so great, has the sliding door onto the backyard and a side window that faces a fence, so there is not much of a chance of anyone seeing me cleaning in my underwear, and if they did happen to climb up onto the six foot fence to see anything, it's not a pretty sight anyway and I'm sure they would be very disappointed. So, cleaning in my underwear is a good solution to the getting hot and sweaty while cleaning issue. And I was even organized about it, leaving the bathroom for last, so that I could just get in the shower and clean that while taking my shower and getting un-hot and un-sweaty.

Sorry, no pictures.

Oh, and I finally hit 2500 sales in my original etsy shop:
(shameless plug there)
I actually would have hit that number before now but I moved all of my non-glass jewelry over to my collage shop:
another shameless plug
so the sales on the jewelry in that shop would have counted in the first shop and helped to reach that particular goal
Now on to 3000 sales!


anymommy said...

I've answered the door in my bra, so you know, sounds reasonable to me. Congratulations on your Etsy sales! Your stuff is really cute.

Thanks so much for taking so much time reading my blog this weekend. I was so tickled that you did that. And, a little embarrassed, not all of those posts were my best!

Jolea said...

was I the 2500th sale????? :)