Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Why Did I Buy A White Shirt?

So I could spill my dinner on it the first time I wore it.

When we were in Tehachapi on Sunday we went to the local K-Mart, partly to use the restroom, and partly to get some shoelaces for Keith's work boots. Tehachapi doesn't have a Wal-Mart-don't know if that's because they don't want a Wal-Mart or Wal-Mart doesn't think that such a small town could bring in enough business. Whichever, it's kind of refreshing to go to a town that does not have a Wal-Mart.

The K-Mart is fairly new and is actually pretty nice inside, everything looked clean and the restrooms weren't nasty. I don't shop at the K-Mart here mainly because it's way across town and it's the ghetto K-Mart, all junky and dirty.

Anyway, as we were looking for shoelaces I found some cotton camp shirts on clearance for $5.00 so I grabbed a white one and a pink one, and then over in the men's department they had 60% off on denim shorts, which came out to $5.95 for a pair of shorts for Keith. $5.95! So we grabbed two pairs for him. Bargain city!

I'm just hoping that I didn't totally ruin my new $5.00 white shirt with taco stains. Maybe I should wear a bib.

Being inside a K-Mart brought back memories of my high school days when I worked in the deli at K-Mart. Way back when, they had a little sandwich, popcorn, nuts, and icee counter at the front of the store and that's where I worked. On weekends we would sell hundreds and hundreds of ham and submarine sandwiches that we made up in huge batches before the store opened. Then there were the thousands of bags of popcorn and millions of icees that we would sell each day too. Ugh...I would go home reeking of popcorn each day and it was about ten years before I could even think of eating popcorn-it still isn't something that I eat very often-too many smelly memories of shoveling popcorn into bags for the hungry hordes at K-Mart. I think it was only about 10c a bag back then, too. The ham sandwiches were like 3 for $1.00 too. Of course, minimum wage was only like $1.45 or something like that.

So, anyway, don't think I'll be at that K-Mart too often, but the next time we're up in the mountains we'll definitely stop on in there and see what's on sale-and to use their restrooms!

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Anonymous said...

I'm raising my hand as someone who doesn't shop at Walmart, hasn't shopped at Walmart in I can't even tell you how long... because it maddens me to see other businesses struggle, primarily because of them.

So, that said, Kmart has come a long way in the last few years, and though the one we have here is also clear on the other side of town, I've been meaning to make my way over there and see what they have...

Thanks for the friendly reminder, and here's some good juju that you can get those taco stains out... if not, at least it was only 5 bucks...