Monday, July 28, 2008

Another Day Out

Yesterday looked like it would be another boring Sunday-not much to do here in the big old Bakersfield-and too hot to do anything anyway.

We were discussing what to do and Keith suggested driving up to Tehachapi for lunch so we got in the car, checked our wallets to make sure we could pay for lunch, and drove on up the mountain. Once you get out of Bakersfield, you start seeing some pretty scenery, orange groves off in the foothills and green fields of whatever it is they are growing. First stop was at the Murray Family Farms, mostly for a pee break since I usually have to go about five minutes after getting into the car. This is a family fruit stand with hayrides and you pick and a newly constructed barn like fruit and nut shop. The best part (besides the clean restroom) is the do it yourself petting zoo.
Trusting souls, aren't they? Yes, we paid.

Words to live by:

There was also a pig in a pen-how appropriate-with a big sign that said don't touch, pig will bite, and some chickens, a llama, a sheep badly in need of a shearing, a big billy goat, doves, and a huge pigeon coop.

So, on up the hill. A very pretty drive with actual trees and mountains.
And then to The Apple Shed restaurant which is located in an old packing shed and they do grow apples in Tehachapi.
Half of the restaurant is a gift shop with all kinds of gifty stuff, part of it is a bakery and fudge shop, and the rest is a nice casual little restaurant with really good food.
What is it with travelers and fudge anyway? Buying fudge on a long car trip sounds messy and melty to me, but it seems like all the rest stop/travel plaza type places are required to sell homemade fudge. They do have a huge selection of flavors here, though, the creamsicle one looked pretty good as did the chocolate caramel. We didn't buy fudge but did get a bag full of cookies to take home.

There's not a whole lot in downtown Tehachapi, but the next time we visit I'd be tempted to stay at this motel
and eat at this drive in
just because their signs are so cool.

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