Tuesday, July 8, 2008

From The Streets of Bakersfield

Last night at 12:15 am the ringing of our doorbell woke us up out of a sound sleep. What the....?

Keith goes to the door in his skivvies to hear 'Police!!'

Aaackk! They found us! You'll never take us alive!

The officer said there was a cat stuck in our gate on the side of the house, and is it ours? Keith comes back in to put some clothes on and goes out to find poor little Cali Cat from next door hanging by one leg off of the gate. She was facing out so couldn't claw her way out of her predicament and was yowling away. He saw that her back leg was stuck in between the very narrow spaces between the fence pickets and didn't want to try to squeeze her leg back out, so he had the officer break the picket that was trapping her leg and got her down. Her leg was obviously broken and was just hanging by skin with the bone sticking out. I'm amazed that Cali wasn't biting and scratching him, she must have been in a lot of pain.

The other officer went to wake up Cali's owners, Keith telling them that her leg was broken and there is an emergency pet clinic downtown. Mr. Neighbor of course says 'Hell, no, I'm not spending any money on that cat!' So, Keith said for them to get a box to put her in and keep her comfortable until the morning when they could decide what to do with her.

The policemen said they had been cruising the neighborhood because they had gotten two complaints about loud music and heard poor Cali yowling away, none of us had heard a thing, loud music or cat yowling. If they hadn't been in the neighborhood, she would have hung there all night or until her leg actually ripped off.

Another good reason to keep your cats safe indoors.

And also in the news:

A man with a gun robbed a fireworks stand shortly before the holiday, then shot himself in the leg as he was fleeing. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Your criminal career got off to a great start, didn't it! Yes, we do have what seems to be an extraordinary amount of stupid people in this town.

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