Monday, July 7, 2008

Drunk in Public

At the end of a long quiet Sunday-me working on some soldering and Keith working on his never ending back yard projects, I had stepped out front just in time to hear the man across the street yelling 'get out of my house!' and coming out the front door with a girl hanging off him and another one still in the house screaming at him. He yelled at me to call 911 so I grabbed the phone and called, telling the operator that there was a domestic dispute going on across the street. I've seen fighting going on over there before, one night it went on for about an hour and gave us lots of entertainment.

They all went back in the house where we heard more yelling, him telling the girls that the police were on the way.

Well, no, the police were in no big hurry to get there, it was about 15 minutes before two police cars finally rolled up, by this time the drama was back out in the front yard. One of the girls punched the guy in the face and he was yelling at her about filing assault charges.

We were getting ready to go pop some popcorn and enjoy the rest of the show, our neighbors were all out in their front yard watching, too.

So, the police talked to everybody for a little while, the girls had some other friends come pick them up-guess everybody had been doing a little drinking and didn't want the police to see them driving themselves away-and then the police get ready to leave.
Keith was livid-'Hey, you're not going to do anything about this? This kind of stuff happens all the time over there!'
Nope, nobody wants to press charges, so not much we can do.

Okay, so you, Mr. Man with the whacked out girlfriend, don't be asking me to waste our police resources and call 911 the next time your drunk girlfriend comes over and wants to pick a fight with you. Keep it inside your house so we don't have to listen to it, please! Or start selling tickets!

Supposedly he is going to get a restraining order-yeah, right. I told him that Keith is about ready to call the owner of the house and tell him what a nuisance his tenant is becoming, and the guy got a little pissy about that, so I don't think we are his best friends anymore.


Jim & Heather on "Meerkat" said...

Makes me want to run right out and move to Bakersfield...
Sorry it didn't last long enough for the popcorn.

Anonymous said...

Gah!! Who cares... who needs best friends, anyways.... hehee... Just kidding, but really. We have a set of renters next to us as well that make us crazy, and I tell ya... one of these days... that phone call just might get made.

Tell Mr. GeeLizzie to go for it!!

Maternal Mirth said...

And I thought my party-boy neighbors were bad with their loud music. I can't imagine having *that* living near me!