Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Live Update From the Streets of Bakersfield

Today the temps are going to get up into the 100's again, but here's the good news: It's going to 'feel like' it's 112 because of the humidity. Oh, and don't go outside because the air is filled with smoke from the fire up by Lake Isabella where small towns are being evacuated as we speak.

Poor old Cali Cat from next door is no longer with us. She had been a stray originally and was strictly an outdoor cat since neighbor man is allergic to cats and wouldn't let her inside. So, when the vet said the leg was so badly damaged that it would have to be amputated they decided it would be better to put her down, an outdoor cat wouldn't stand much of a chance with only three legs, plus trying to care for an outdoor amputee cat that can't come into the house would be difficult, plus the 1500.00 surgery fee was simply unaffordable, so Cali is now in the giant litter box in the sky, poor thing.

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