Friday, June 13, 2008

You Heard it Here First!

I'm going to actually DO SOME HOUSE CLEANING today. Maybe. If I get my fat butt up out of this chair and get started!

We're heading down to the coast this afternoon for a weekend o' fun. A family reunion/graduation/80th birthday/father's day/Keith's birthday extravaganza. Not really sure how much fun it will be, family reunions can get messy sometimes, but we're going. I thought it might be nice if we come home to a halfway clean house. Not that it's easy to get the house looking halfway clean-we STILL don't have kitchen or hallway floors, just glue stained concrete and remnants of linoleum, so even if you mop those floors, vacuum the carpet, and dust all the knick knacky stuff, it still feels dirty and messy. But, I'll do my best. Maybe. If I can just get my fat butt up off of this chair.

I have been meaning to get this cupboard cleaned up, too, those lunchboxes are from my studio, we had brought all the junk from in there out to the living room when Keith was putting the carpet tile in, and these have just somehow never found their way back to where they belong. Maybe I should just start packing Keith's lunches in them. Then all the other kids at work could make fun of him.
All of the rest of that stuff needs a good dusting, too. Okay, I'm going to go start cleaning now. In just a minute. Maybe.

Kitty pictures of the day-the girls are ready for their close-ups, Mr. Demille!
Little Miss MimiAnd Little Miss Lucy. These two are just the sweetest little girls!

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