Thursday, June 12, 2008

This Is Why

We got the 'hefty pet' cat door for our house!
That could have been our own personal hefty cat Pepper if we hadn't bought the door expressly designed for your 'plus size' pets. We put it in the door to the garage so that they could all go out and play in the wilds of the garage. The little cats love it but the big cats are hesitant about going through it-they will sit there looking at it until you go swing it open for them.

Here Pepper is just hoping this can of cat food will magically open itself-oh if only I had a thumb!

Pepper is quite chubby and we've been trying to help her lose some weight by only putting food down twice a day instead of leaving food out for the cats to 'self feed'. Bear and Little Bit are very timid and won't eat with all the other cats, so we have to put some food in the bedroom for them so they're not all stressed out while trying to eat. Lucy will only eat dry food, Mimi is still too skinny so I want her to eat more, and Buddy will eat off of every plate and bowl, thinking that the next bowl over has better food than his bowl, even though it's the same stuff.

Pepper started getting fat when we stopped letting the cats go outside after they kept getting parasites and getting knocked around by the stray cats in the neighborhood. Then last summer when we were raising the kittens, she would always get into their kitten chow which is higher calorie food for those growing kids, so she really packed on the pounds. She's so fat that I have to clean her bottom because she can't reach it anymore. Bear's pretty rotund, too, but at least she keeps her own bottom clean.

Here's little round Bear taking one of her many many naps.

She's so funny when she runs, these little short legs going as fast as they can and this big bowling ball belly jiggling away!

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Moose Ridge said...

LOL -- I have 3 brothers, the Elliott is 14 pounds, Houdini is 15 pounds, and Hamlet is down to 21 pounds (they have been on "fat cat" food for over a year) -- you've just shown why we have chosen not to have a kitty door!! Hamlet is also one of those who would wait for one of his brothers to open the door for him -- just like he does for the bathroom door!!

Dunlap TN