Sunday, June 8, 2008


This morning we drove down to brother in law John's and nieces Caitlin and Evann's house in Castaic for an early Father's Day brunch. Other niece Meghan, who recently moved to Tahoe arranged the whole thing since she was going to be in town for a wedding. She decided on brunch because she and her boyfriend Ryan had to drive back to Tahoe today-a long long drive from Castaic. It's only about an hour and a half drive from our house to Castaic but it's an incredibly boring drive-thirty miles of straight flat freeway, then up up up into the mountains, most of which are bare and brown this time of year, then lots of mountain driving, then down down down into Castaic. There are only two little towns and a rest stop up in the mountains, so not much to look at. The signs say you are in the Angeles National Forest, but there are no trees along the freeway, I guess the tree part of the National Forest is up higher in the mountains where you can't see them. I've always thought it odd to see forest signs when there are no trees near the forest signs.

So, we brought a huge amount of pastries from a local bakery, sister Linda brought croissants, Meghan brought bagels, Mom brought fruit plates, Jennifer brought bacon, eggs were scrambled, coffee made, juice poured, and we all ate too much. Do you think we had enough bread products or what?

Then, time to drive back to Bakersfield, a reverse of the boring drive, looking at the same brown treeless mountains, and the same straight boring thirty miles of freeway before getting back home. What is it about driving that makes you so tired? It's not like you're exerting yourself or anything, you're just sitting there. We were both just exhausted when we got home, Keith went to take a nap with Buddy, and I tried to get a little work done, but just didn't feel like doing much.
It was nice to see everyone, we don't see each other that often, even though we really don't live that far away -guess it's that boring drive plus the 4.00 a gallon gas prices that keep us from driving down on a regular basis. Either that or we are just too too busy with our glamorous lives here in the lovely smoggy hot Bakersfield.

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Jim & Heather on "Meerkat" said...

And what about the surprise arrival of your brother-in-law Jim, all the way from La Paz, Mexico? It was great to "see" you all via skype!
Heather still in Mexico...