Saturday, June 7, 2008

Busy Yesterday and Yard Sale Score

I spent hours yesterday filling all the orders that came in from the link to the trashy books website. It was really kind of scary! I had over $400.00 in sales just from that link. Yikes!

I woke up early this morning and went outside to see a huge yard sale across the street and one down the street. We aren't much of yard sale type people, I really don't like buying other people's junk, I have enough junk of my own, thank you very much. But, when you can check out other people's junk just by crossing the street, then what the heck, right? So we grabbed our coffee and checked out the junk, then went down to the other junk down the street. And...a loveseat and chair for $40.00!!

We have been wanting to get a new sofa or something for our living room-the old one is totally worn out, where you need a crane to get you back out of it because our fat asses have sat on it so much that there is no support to the cushions anymore. The cats have shredded the upholstery and the new slipcover looks like its ten years old already from little cat claws snagging it. We also managed to get some black greasy stuff all over it-who knows where that came from.

The new (used) loveseat and chair are a little scratched up but they are comfortable and the cats are so happy that we bought them new scratching posts, so now we can wait another year or so before buying something brand new. And in the meantime saving that $1000 or so that a nice new scratching post, er, sofa, would cost.

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