Saturday, May 24, 2008


It has not rained here in central California since January. We had rain yesterday! For about 15 minutes.
Look, the streets are wet!
If you look real close you can see water in the gutters!
And an actual puddle!

This was definitely an event! When it rains in California it's a big news day, the news will start out with "Storm Watch!!!" and the weather will be the top story. Reporters will be out in their rain gear at flooded intersections reporting on the rain like it's the second coming or something. Silly, yeah, I know, but it's California where silly got started.

I really enjoy rain, my favorite smell is when the rain first starts and you smell the wet pavement and grass. The greens all look greener and the air smells fresher. I had the front window open yesterday when the rain started and all six cats were freaked-they went running around the house, then back to the window, then running around the house again. What's happening?!? Is it the end of our world as we know it!?!?

When I was a little girl I remember all of us going somewhere in the car in the rain and feeling snug and safe inside the car with the pouring rain on the windows.

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