Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hot Chocolate Explosion

This weekend, way unlike last weekend, was chilly and drizzly and grey. I went down to Ventura on Sunday for a belated birthday lunch with Jennifer and to visit a little with my mom, so Keith was home alone on Sunday. I was thinking how he is never home by himself while I have the house to myself all week while he's at work. I guess I shouldn't leave him by himself because he gets into trouble.
He was supposed to be working on the carpet and baseboards in the studio, some of which he did get done, and decided to make a mug of hot chocolate since it was chilly, drizzly, and grey. He was carrying his mug of hot chocolate into the bedroom to get something off of his nightstand, stepped on one of the cats, dropped his mug of hot chocolate, which spewed all over the floor, bookshelf, bedskirt, and himself. Kind of like a hot chocolate bomb.
The house smelled funny when I got home because he was burning incense to try and cover up the chocolate smell in the bedroom. He tried his best to get all the chocolate up out of the carpet with rags and spray carpet cleaner but just kind of ground the hot chocolate deeper into our already nasty carpet. He had taken the bedskirt off and washed it and cleaned all the things that were on the bookshelf, spending probably a few hours doing all that.
So, yesterday we got out the mean green steam machine and 'steam cleaned'-haha, it's just hot water-the carpet in the bedroom. It's still kind of crunchy when you walk over the chocolate part. So, maybe next summer will be carpet time for our bedroom, it was already looking pretty bad, now it is crunchy too.

Kitty pictures for the day.
He looks like he is just totally kicking back and should have a beer or something next to him.
Watching the birds outside.

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idyll hands said...

Love the cat pictures! And yes, he does look like he needs a kitty sized beer.