Friday, May 23, 2008

The Little Stinker Bit Me!

Buddy was being all lovey-dovey this morning-always while I'm trying to work on the computer, of course, walking around on the desk and purring away. I was trying to cuddle him when he just bit me right on my arm and hard, too! There would have been blood if I hadn't still had my thick bathrobe on-yeah, it takes me a while to get dressed in the morning. I know-or at least think-it was just a little love bite, but that kitty doesn't know his own strength.

Here he is just hanging out in the kitty condo.
Hiding. And waiting for you to walk by so he can grab you.

Just hanging.

Taunting Lucy with his mouse. You want this, you really want this? You can't have it! It's mine, all mine!!!

It is like having triplets in the house sometimes. Especially considering the amount of poo these three manage to produce.

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Maternal Mirth said...

I have two furballs and they are JUST LIKE having two add'l kids.

New Rule: No more things that make poop allowed in my house.