Monday, May 19, 2008

Monday Monday

I used to dread Mondays. You tried to cram as much possible into your weekend only to have to wake up to reality on Monday morning and go back to the drudgery at the office. My office job wasn't all bad, I did make pretty good money and had some good benefits including a turkey dinner at Thanksgiving and a nice Christmas bonus. But day after day of data entry and billing just wears a person down. And then to give up the good paying job to move to Bakersfield and end up working at Wal-mart because there are no good paying office jobs here was just the icing on the cake.
So, to be able to work for myself and not have to get up on Monday mornings, or get up on Monday afternoons and go to an overnight job at Wal-mart is just so very nice.
I feel kind of guilty that Keith still has to get up on Mondays-and at 4:45 am no less-to go to his drudgery in the rail yard especially since it's supposed to get up to 102 degrees today and he works outside, but not enough to go back to a 'real' job.
Being self employed means setting your own hours, but since it's all up to you those hours tend to be pretty much every waking hour. If you're not packing, shipping, listing, photographing, or creating some new things you're thinking about packing, shipping, listing, photographing, or creating some new things. I actually sort of tried taking yesterday off but ended up doing some soldering and then of course checking on my shops and listing a few things.

Keith did take the weekend off. He had found some books at the antique show and spent most of the weekend reading when he wasn't napping. I did make him clean up the kitchen last night since I cooked and he napped. But, he deserved a break, he works really hard all week and then sort of works really hard around the house on the weekends. And I didn't feel like nagging him all weekend to work on The Amazing Unfinished House, so I let him get some well deserved rest.

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