Saturday, May 17, 2008

Old Time Peddler's Fair

Today we went to the Old Time Peddlers Fair that is held at the Kern County outdoor museum each year. We used to sell crafts at this show, never made much money but it was kind of a fun show to do. I'm SO GLAD we decided to not do this (or any other) show anymore. This weekend we are having the first heat wave of the summer with temps getting up into the 100's. It would be miserable to have to sit out there all weekend. We went early in an effort to beat the heat, which really didn't work cause it was already getting HOT out there. The museum is made up of all kinds of old buildings from the early days here in Bakersfield all laid out on little dirt paths with lots of trees, kind of like an actual little town. They just moved an old house from our end of town out there to fix up. The houses and buildings are done like dioramas where you can look in the windows and see what it might have looked like way back when.
This is the first house you see as you come into the museum. The vendors at the show set up in front of all the buildings.
Obviously this is the General Store.
The five star hotel.
And the courthouse with the jail conveniently located underneath.

We didn't buy a whole lot, I was mainly looking for old books to cut up for pendants and collages, and scored with a few good ones. I found a 1932 childrens music book with some cute illustrations in it for $1.00.
We almost bought a drive in theatre speaker stand, complete with two speakers, but thought $75.00 was a bit much for something that really wouldn't go with our house and we really wouldn't have any place to put.

This is new since we were last here. An old gas station complete with pumps and an old market sign
And this used to be on an old Chinese restaurant downtown. We had noticed that the sign had been taken down and were so glad to see it at the museum.

Now I'm tired from the heat and Keith is taking one of the many naps that I'm sure he'll indulge in this weekend. So, the rest of the day will be a lazy one, I'm not even going to clean the kitchen. Not that I clean it that often anyway.

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